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Modern Approach to Modern MMA Training in the Heart of Niagara

Niagara's most proven MMA program since 2008, Welland's Modern Vision MMA boasts an astounding 106-25 record in MMA competition. Our reputation proceeds us throughout the Northern United States as a highly technical, professional and conditioned school.Niagara

"Winning MMA fights isn't our goal ... it's our culture" 

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At the core of Modern Vision Mixed Martial Arts is our MMA program. As Mixed Martial Arts (sport known as MMA) improves, so do the techniques at Modern Vision. Not only do we stay on the cutting-edge with our training, We design our program based on each individuals needs and goals. Personality, body type and athletic skill are all areas in which our trainers approach your personal fight game.

We focus not only on the technical skills required for MMA, we also work on your mental and physical training. Talent and skill will only get you so far. Today's MMA game involves several complex emotions in which the fighter must understand and learn to deal with in order to reach the next level. Technical skills mean nothing without the proper physical conditioning and mental preparedness. If your goal is to become a dominant MMA fighter we will get you there ...

Do I need to compete in MMA to train MMA at Vision?  

ASOLUTELY NOT, training in MMA is a grea t way to enjoy your MMA hobby. You'll learn a new respect for your favourite fighters and you'll understand what they are doing in a fight. ALSO, you'll get into the best shape of your life, feel great about yourself, make some great lifelong friends and blow off lots of steam. We make sure you are comfortable with the training you are doing and that you are safe at all times. SPARRING IS NOT NECESSARY BUT AN OPTION IF YOU CHOOSE TO DO IT.

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